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Stand and Deliver™ - Public Speaking Workshops for Schools and Colleges

Why do you value public speaking skills? Perhaps it is because;

"People who speak well and communicate confidently, earn 81% more than the rest."

Eilidh Milnes Past President PSA (Professional Speaking Association UK & Ireland)


Speaking is an Essential Life Skill

And like all life skills it's easier to learn when started young. Do you think to master their crafts sportsmen Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button and Andy Murray started at a young age? Of course they did!
Consider Barack Obama, everything about him from his physical appearance to his mannerisms and cadence looks and sounds Presidential.  This is not surprising, Obama is a gifted orator who has been preparing for his Presidency from very early years. And speaking successfully in public, is all about preparation and planning which promise a perfect performance. What we refer to as the 5 "Ps".

"Eilidh's delegates work hard. This is a workshop in every sense of the word; there is very little sitting and listening. Eilidh clearly enjoys working with young people and relates to them; the skills they learn and develop throughout the day will be invaluable - a truly inspiring day. The school has already booked Eilidh to return for her Stand and Deliver Workshop."

Mrs Geraldine Yandell, Headmistress, Beech Hall School

Give Your Students the Competitive Advantage!

Stand and Deliver™, is a programme designed to enhance your current curriculum. It is for learners who want to be successful in whatever they want to be. It is a full day workshop, tailored to you, your timetable and your students. The key focus is to equip students with public speaking skills. They learn how to craft speeches and deliver with purpose and power from true professionals. Experience shows that attendance results in increased self confidence and self esteem for all the participants.

Stand and Deliver™ Workshops are designed to support the following: 

  • Effective and popular from Key Stage 2 upwards to adult workshops 
  • Enterprise component of GCSE Business Studies 
  • Compulsory citizenship courses at Key Stage 4 
  • 6th Form and further education - interview techniques 
  • Presentation, performance and evaluation for GCSE Drama 
  • Duke of Edinburgh Awards – various modules 
Eilidh Milnes is the Director of Stand and Deliver™ Programmes. She's a highly experienced professional with a background in education and commerce and passionately believes in the importance of powerful and effective communication.
Eilidh holds a current CRB certificate to work in schools in UK.
The “Stand and Deliver™ Competition” is the highlight of a full day interactive workshop, when the competitors have the opportunity give a two minute presentation to the the rest of the group on a topic of their choice.
Each student gains a certificate of participation.
There are two awards with cash prizes - The Best Presenter and The Most Improved Speaker.

What Stand and Deliver Students Say...

  • "I'm still not keen, but now feel confident to deliver a confident speech if necessary..." Sean Bell
  • "It made me feel confident and believe in myself..." Cameron Cook
  • "I feel so confident, I feel as if I can deliver a successful speech to an audience..." Emma Hill
  • "I enjoyed myself, a lot of fun!" Richard Hopcutt

Judging Criteria

  • To what extent does the speaker seem relaxed, natural and comfortable?
  • Does the audience "buy into" the speech?
  • Can the talk be easily heard and understood?
  • Is there a good close?
  • Is the opening attention grabbing?
  • Is there a call to action?

Why do YOU Value Public Speaking Skills?

Perhaps it is because people who are articulate and communicate well earn 81% more than the rest?
Drop us a line or call Eilidh +44 07876 786 784 now to increase the competitive advantage of your students.