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Speak Effectively - Power Packed Presentations - Speaker Bootcamps 

Are you looking for help with your presentations or your public speaking skills? If so, you have come to the right place.

It never ceases to amaze me that intelligent, bright and capable people, miss the skill that is guaranteed to position them as being eloquent, worthy and valuable. They fear public speaking. Seldom do they stand to deliver. Seldom do they say anything at all. Seldom do they get the recognition they deserve. 

When it comes to public speaking training you want someone who not only knows the theory, but in involved in the 'doing' at a high level. I can help you whether you are a beginner, a more accomplished presenter or a seasoned speaker; whether you have to deliver at a corporate annual conference. or you have to speak at a special occasion such as a wedding.  People who speak well and communicate confidently, earn on average 81 % more than those who do not!

Speaker tips and secrets  - two short videos with Chris Davidson. 

Our public speaking masterclasses focus on how to confidently:

  • Develop the positive advantage
  • Be seen as a trusted advisor
  • Be more memorable
  • Organise your thoughts 
  • Fielding anwsers to tough questions
  • Explain difficult topics with clarity
  • Handle sensitive conversations with empathy
  • Be likeable so that others feel comfortable discussing anything with you
  • Manage emotional conversations in a calm manner

Masterclass highlights:

  • Make a great first impression 
  • Win people over in 30 seconds
  • Click with strangers
  • Leaving a lasting memory
  • Master communication tricks 
  • Express yourself like an expert
  • Explain complex matters
  • Choose winnng words
  • Avoid common pitfalls 
  • Apply gestures - the visual aid of powerful communicators
  • How to speak up in difficult situations
  • Create the right conditions to discuss anything
  • How to say 'no' and feel good about it
  • Raise opposing ideas
  • Turn negatives into positives
  • Identify what your listeners really want to know
  • Organise your responses to real-time challenging questions

Want to Project a Powerful Image? Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking? 

Eilidh's a top conference speaker and qualified professional presentation coach. She frequently works with clients one-to-one and with companies to deliver speaking bootcamps. 

She's is a Director, Fellow and Past President of the Professional Speaking Association; the premier organisation in the UK for all those involved in professional speaking. Until recently she had the brief to develop the PSA membership and mentoring programmes with a particular focus on speaking competencies which include presenting, performing and platform mechanics. She can apply the expertise and knowledge gained in this role, to help you be a better presenter than you ever imagined.

How well do you present? Are you committed to being a good speaker? Have you fully developed your topic? Look in the mirror... are you a natural born speaker? Few people are, most people need to learn the skills required as it is not natural to stand in front of strangers and talk confidently. Many people would rather go to bed with snakes and spiders than speak in public! Most people are born with an ability to talk, the challenge is getting people to listen! Do you love your voice? Do others? We can help.

Eilidh was the senior external trainer for Cheshire Constabulary. Part of her brief was to deliver and facilitate presentation skills courses for the police.

"I know the work Eilidh has undertaken for the Constabulary has made a real difference with the 15,000 people she has delivered to over the past 7 years."

Malcolm Hughes, Crime Policy Unit Cheshire Police

Be More Effective and Memorable - Create a Red Hot Elevator Pitch?

"Today, a room full of business women found their professional lives gingered up by a lady, betimes wearing cat's ears and betimes brandishing a carnival mask of mystery. In 15 minutes, coach Eilidh Milnes woke us up to ways of presenting ourselves with confidence previously undreamed of. Subject: the elevator pitch. Result: an awareness of the value of developing a comfortable 21-word snippet, slant-able towards the needs of our fellow elevator occupants... All highly entertaining, highly instructive. Everyone very much inspired to find an elevator!"

Lizzie Gates

Why do YOU Value Public Speaking Skills?

Perhaps it is because people who are articulate and communicate well earn 81% more than the rest?

The beauty of your advice is its utter simplicity. I came away from coaching, filled with enthusiasm and confidence in my ability to drive on with my ambition. You have helped to shape my next steps, providing me with new ideas and building on my own thoughts. I cannot wait to get started. Getting in touch with you has turned out to be an inspired move. You fired me with enthusiasm as a result of which I am now developing my own product which uses your structure of.. Make a point, Tell a story, Commit to action! I've recognised the benefit of using a simple prop which helps the audience to remember me and my message."

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Check out Professional Coaching. 

Brian Wroe

"People who speak well and communicate confidently, earn on average 81% more than those who do not."
Eilidh Milnes, President Professional Speaking Association UK & Ireland 2013/2014
"People who speak well and communicate confidently, earn on average 81% more than those who do not."
Eilidh Milnes, President Professional Speaking Association UK & Ireland 2013/2014
"People who speak well and communicate confidently, earn on average 81% more than those who do not."
Eilidh Milnes, President Professional Speaking Association UK & Ireland 2013/2014