Professional Coaching

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What's confidence and how do you get it?

We help our clients translate strategy into action. We focus on personal leadership. How different would your life be if you had more confidence? How much more would you achieve? Raising your confidence improves your quality of life. Having a healthy self esteem makes it much easier for you to achieve your goals whether that's in terms of your career, your relationships or even just being happier about life in general. We help our clients make insightful decisions.

It's never too late...

During a typical session you'll learn how to empower your business or personal life. It's never too late to make a start or too soon either! As a leading confidence coach, motivational speaker and award winning author Eilidh has been featured in a wide range of media including BBC TV and Radio, Daily Telegraph, Gulf News and numerous online publications, so you will be safe in the hands of an expert.

As for business, many companies are finding that there are substantial benefits in providing their high flyers with coaching, resulting with significant company dividends that include better communication skills, reduced conflict, increased self-awareness, shared vision and commitment, overall better performance, reduced staff turnover and greater cooperation.

How much will it cost and how long does each session last?

A professional 1:1 coaching course can be tailored to suit your particular needs and circumstances. Clients spend from around £600 to £3,500 over a period of weeks or months. Sessions last approximately one hour. Half and full days are optional. 

Where does coaching take place?

You decide the best format for you.  Meetings can be face-to-face, on the telephone or video conferencing. Some clients prefer a more intense period of a full-day consultancy.

What help do you need?

  • Do you have personal issues? 
  • Want to do serious life laundry?
  • Do you want a great life and great career; just need to identify your goals to better manage your time?
  • Or, would you simply like to improve something specific such as your speaking skills?

  • If these concerns sound familiar, call Eilidh today on 07876 786 784. Or you could start by checking out the free tips on our mentoring programme.

How exactly do you build self confidence?

The big difference with coaching is that it does not claim to have all the answers. The purpose in coaching is not to go over old ground, be past-orientated or to force-feed information. A good coach works with clients to help them find the answers for themselves. A great coach intrinsically believes that the client already has the solutions and at the same time has strategies and a proven methodology for success. Eilidh has a diploma in coaching and was awarded certification by NCFE in 2006. She has been a successful business owner since 1992.

Coaching is much more than just working strictly on your self confidence. It's about having practical advice on situations. Are you looking for help to get promotion? Have you been made redundant? Are you struggling to deal with issues that are holding you back? If so, you are on the right page, because confidence coaching is precisely what Eilidh is all about. Her goal is to make it quick and easy for you to develop your self belief, your self esteem and just how you feel about yourself.

More Free Stuff

Eilidh provides more free, useful information than any other coaching site we've found. Yes, of course you'll find items to purchase on this site but you'll also find oodles of pages of free advice to help you right now e.g. on the Confidence Blog and on downloads sprinkled across the web pages. 
Plus Eilidh's paid services such as her unique Four Square Coaching a highly popular and affordable way to support you and stay connected. Then there's Eilidh's new book on confidence...

Client Testimonial

"Eilidh's pure genius and inspirational.  I knew this the first time I met her which incidentally was on an open top bus in the centre of Barcelona three years ago; a chance meeting that was to have a BIG impact for me.  
I have recently had to go through a major senior management organisational restructure where I have had to fight to retain my position which I have held for the last 8 years.  Whilst confident in many aspects of my life, my Achilles heel in my confidence is INTERVIEWS having had several negative experiences in the past.  This one was the biggest I have had to face.
My thoughts immediately turned to how am I going to handle this and who can help me?  Then I remembered my open top bus in Barcelona and Eilidh.
Eilidh's brilliant, she helped me to reflect on my strengths, gave me some wonderful tips from presentation to relaxation!!  Eilidh helped me to believe in me again and helped me to see that the whole process could be FUN if you were in the right mode and could engage your audience.  I did and now I have been offered the No 1 job in the re-structure that I wanted!"
Jill Derbyshire