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Thriving in the Downturn

Jay & Eilidh Milnes - Mentoring and Coaching

Mentoring is ideal for people wishing to start-up their own business, develop an existing one or gain promotion.

And we know a thing or two about surviving downturns, thriving in upturns and life in general. Jay Milnes has been the managing director of his own successful company for more than ten years. 

He says,  "In my opinion, there is a real need for a more bespoke tailored career and business management service given the current economic climate." 

He goes on to add: "Being made redundant and similarly running your own business require you to have a practical approach. In redundancy you need to survive and move on to build a new life for yourself and/or your family. I have been there and done that and come out the other side smiling. I've seen several major career changes and had to make some tough choices." 

  • Military - MOD public sector,
  • Employed -  in construction and customer service industries,
  • Freelance construction specialist,
  • Bespoke chauffeuring services - Top Man Driving.

Have you been made redundant? Or are you seeking to improve your standing in the market, ready for when business picks up?

Because there will be lot of scope when the upturn comes. Our clients are already seeing improvement and encouraging, positive signs. Read more on FAQ.
You need to target four simple steps:
For further details please contact me, Jay Milnes on 07850 740519 or drop us a line
In the meantime, let Eilidh and Jay help you get into pole position and here are important points for you to action right now:

Step 1:

Understand how you will support yourself/your family while you develop an alternative income stream. 

Step 2:

Identify possible alternative income stream/s.
Have you been offered outplacement counseling by your employers to support you in this stage? If you have, make good use of it?
Are you:
Relatively unskilled without much experience,
Or are you an experienced skilled, professional,
Or in a managerial position,

Step 3:

Create your plan. 
List all the things you’ll need to have in place so you don’t miss out anything important. It will look different if you are job hunting as opposed to setting up a business. Your plan will help to give you useful direction and a sense of achievement as you go into your action stage. 
Remember the old adage - if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Step 4:

Implement your plan.
If you are a job hunter, have you prepared your CV geared to the kind of job you want? Does it demonstrate to recruiters and employers that you have what it takes?  Job hunting itself can be hard work and daunting, so learn from someone who has the personal experience and skills required to move on.

Are you CV ready? Check out the relevant blog posts. CV and Resume Tips

Make a job out of finding your next job... take your life to a new level

Let us help you to make the transition as painless and possible...there's a good life on the other side. If we can ...YOU can , so call our office today on 01270 212999.
We look forward to hearing from you...