Confidence the 7 Keys to your Happiness

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    'Confidence The 7 Keys To Your Happiness,' is built of the success of "Love your Life, Survive the System." 

    This new publication shows you how to the find passion to drive you forward; how to overcome disillusionment, bolster your self-esteem and successfully take your life out of stall-mode.

    'Confidence The 7 Keys,' sells at £14.95 including UK postage. 

    What people say about Eilidh's new confidence book:

    "One of the best things about this book is that you can dip in and out of it when ever you want. I've found it great just to pick up when I have a few minutes and read through the simple and straight to the point chapters.

    The book includes areas for you to make notes and complete exercises to help you focus on your goals and what you want to achieve, which I found particularly useful. It also has real life examples of how other people have over come their confidence issues which gives you something to relate to, as it says in the book, anyone can loose their confidence and getting it back is a lot more difficult than loosing it.

    I've used the techniques in the book to help me organise myself and get done what I need to instead of procrastinating. I'd recommend this book for anyone who needs to give themselves a confidence boost and hasn't got the time to read a complicated and heavy self help book. The 7 keys keeps it quick, simple and clear!" Kedren Elliott Barclay Bank

    "I just loved Cool Beans by the same Author, and this book didn't disappoint. It was upbeat, beautifully laid out, easy to dip in and out of the bits you need, without having to read the whole book and written in the tone as if the Author was speaking to me personally. Chocked full of helpful personal anecdotes it helps bolster you over any problem areas you're encountering and reinforces the point that if your comfort zone isn't growing, then it's shrinking, and taking action is the positive way to address your confidence levels. They don't call Eilidh Captain Positive for nothing! If you like your personal development reads, you'll love this." Anonymous.

    Confidence the 7 Keys to your Happiness

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