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    Pick Four

    Telephone coaching support for clients on Eilidh's Four Square - Pick Four Programme.

    For busy clients or those who are a distance from my practice it is ideal to arrange sessions either by phone or VOIP such as Skype. The advantages include convenience plus saving time and expenses on travel. Many clients find it easier to have their coaching sessions by phone as there are less distractions making it easier to concentrate and focus. The process is flexible and provides value for money for high quality executive support.

    Pick Four is an updated version of Zig Ziglar’s legendary goal-setting program It's designed to help anyone achieve his or her goals. This coaching includes a copy of the book 'Pick Four.'

    Using Ziglar’s philosophy that the key to success is directed and laser focused action. This programme of support coaching challenges clients to reach outside his or her comfort zone and take the necessary steps to achieve success. Known for her genuine and authentic approach, Eilidh imparts decade’s worth of coaching strategies. Pick Four Four Square coaching is an invaluable programme for anyone looking to create positive change; guaranteed to put you on your path to success.

    International Coaching : coaching using the internet enables global coaching.

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