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Confident Image & Style Coaching

* Eilidhism: You are what you eat... and you are what you wear too.

Director of First Impressions 

Dawn Beschorner of Howard Worth calls Eilidh The Director of First Impressions. As such, Eilidh employs independent image consultants to give an added dimension to her impact solutions. Some people make an impact when they enter a room - others when they leave; which applies to you?

How to Have a Confident Business Image

A confident business image doesn’t mean you need an Armani suit to bring in more business (although to be honest, it wouldn’t hurt.) What the designer suit does is differentiate you from your competitors and others in your industry. It makes you stand out from the crowd. It gives you an extra confidence boost.

What About Colour?

You are born with an inclination towards colour. The genes which determine your skin tone, hair, eye colour also determine what colours look best on you. What is vital in colour is the shade and density. You will always look your best in your own true colours. Image consultancy and colour coaching are unique and unisex.

Conduct an image audit. What does your image say about you? What makes you memorable? If you are not remembered once you leave a meeting, you have a serious problem. Opportunities such as networking and conferences allow you to present yourself in an unforgettable way. Think about your 30-second elevator pitch. In half-a-minute can you tell me exactly what you do? If not, let me help you build that all important self introduction. You need a powerhouse presentation to stand out in a crowd. You need to know your visual and verbal impact facts. Take a look at presentation training.

There are lots of subtle changes you can make. Review your business card for example, does it show: Your company message? Your picture? Your comprehensive contact details?

Benefits of Image & Style Consultancy

By wearing the correct colours you may see these benefits:
Look younger - wearing the wrong colours, gives the appearance of tiredness or ageing.
Feel more confident and self assured, more toned and trim.
Saving of time, money and effort.

From Top to Toe 

Your hairstyle is very important. It is your crowning glory. Of course, now we’re back to the expensive suit debate, but this personal imaging really works. For example Dame Judi Dench has short silver snappy style; it is part of her brand. It's her signature style. People make up their mind about you within the first seven seconds and you do not get a second chance to make a first impression. What does your hair say about you?

You Get the Idea

There are lots of simple ways you can make your image and business more successful. As far a hosiery (stockings) and shoes are concerned, they need to be chosen carefully. Accessories are vital in helping create an impact. As Dolly Parton said in Steel Magnolias, "Honey, the difference between us and the animals, is our ability to accessorize!
Download Eilidh's Random Rules of Business Dress.

Eilidh Milnes's Random Rules of Business Dress Eilidh Milnes's Random Rules of Business Dress (28 KB)

Consider these points:
How do you sound on the phone? Are you happy, upbeat and smiling?
Your voicemail message? Is it personalised, short and effective?
Exactly how do you greet people at meetings or other events? Make it about them, not about you.

Unashamed Self-Promotion

Another confident image trait is being a natural confident promoter of 'YouInc!' You can’t say your message once and leave it at that. Successful self-promoters say it as many times as they need to, until they get a response or feel their message has been consolidated. Would you remember a commercial for Coca-Cola if you only saw it once? No, of course you wouldn't! You see it over and over and your remember this when you go shopping. It's called spaced repetition. The marketers use all the means at their disposal to make you buy into their brand. Discover how you can benefit from imitating their positioning process.

Read more in "Confidence the 7 Keys to Your Happiness"

Finally, accept that you have to make multiple impressions in order to your build brand awareness. Repetition is in direct connection with positioning. Once you find people to network with, you can reach out and find many more, who can help in your success and whom you can help in return. A Confident Image is absolutely essential in earning customer respect and to keeping you and your brand on the cutting edge of your industry. I explain this further in my new confidence book.

A Confident Image Matters

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