Build Morale and Boost Productivity in Education


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Eilidh's high energy sessions are fun and interactive. She encourages her audiences to explore their relationships, self-confidence and emotions. 

Behavioural Strategist

She's a razor sharp inspirational speaker who delivers keynotes on behavioural change. A guest speaker can play a big role in raising the morale of employees. There are times, when providing the needed motivation to employees is beyond the control of managers and executives of a company, as they themselves are often experiencing challenges of their own. 

Give Eilidh the opportunity to help raise the morale within your company or organisation. She delivers upbeat, content rich sessions, which are guaranteed to provide delegates with practical insights and tips that can be easily integrated into their personal and working lives.

Our key clients are managers involved in leadership roles with a desire to move forward.  We offer them a personal development sat. nav. In education and business this forms a skills programme designed to boost confidence. We coach head teachers and senior leaders from the primary, secondary and further education sectors. We help and prepare staff for Ofsted. Over the past decade Eilidh has worked in over 800 schools in UK and Europe and more recently in Australia and the Middle East. These schools have ranged from prestigious independent establishments to comprehensives in challenged areas. Her extensive travel and personal experience form the basis of her popular cultural awareness seminars.

Book for Education 

She's the author the happiness curriculum for teachers her first award winning book, "Love your life...survive the system."