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Your 365 Achievement Diary a Great Boost for Confidence and Efficiency

Eilidh Milnes

A few months ago I was speaking at a conference in Melbourne...

What was in the news? The city had been experiencing record temperatures at over 40C! Phew that was hot and the total opposite from the UK weather that I'd left behind. Great Britain had been experiencing the wettest figures since records began. Wherever I went, the weather was the top topic!

What do you focus on?

It's odd what people chose to focus on in their personal circumstances too. Many folks are more inclined to concentrate on their worst statistics rather than looking around to acknowledge moments when they've excelled. A technique I recommend is to keep a note each day of three things you do well. Here's the simplified version to get you started and a challenge to take action, till the next edition of my confidence tips.

Your Achievement Diary

  • Step 1 Leave a note book and pen at the side of your bed,
  • Step 2 Each night before you settle down, write down just one thing you have done really well that day - anything from baking a cake to writing a book,
  • Step 3 review weekly.

Before you know it you'll have 14 achievements to be proud of; 14 personal statements to spur you on and 14 times to reflect on if you feel discouraged. Everyone questions their abilities at times, when you have a confidence attack you're ability to rebound quickly is what marks you out from the rest. Your diary is a tool in your confidence arsenal of 'How to fight negativity and beat the blues.' Read more on the archive of personal development blog posts.

You can of course make your notes electronically. However despite being a bit of a girlie geek and techno fan, for this activity I recommend using pad and pen. Psychologists and neuro-scientists say that using the old-school methods of making notes in your own script, increases your retention and massages your memory. The image above shows my personal notebook. It was a gift from a good friend that makes it all the more special. However either way, be it on your iPad or in a journal the most important thing is to start!

Another shout out for Ted

Check out this TedTalk recommended to me by Hayley Foster. "How I beat stage fight..." by Joe Kowan. 

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