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World Smile Day! Yay!

Eilidh Milnes
Smile, Give your Face a Holiday
Friday 2nd October, is World Smile Day! Yay! And depending on when you read this, it could actually be International WSD. As always, the theme is "Help one person smile." As always, the image that leads the way on this day is the smiley emoticon. So here I am sending you a virtual smile to thank you my friends, clients and colleagues for your support in the past 12 months.

Be a Smile Ambassador!

When each one of us becomes a World Smile Day® Ambassador and helps just one person smile today, the world becomes better place. So spread the word! Harvey Ball the Smiley's creator, believed that each of us, can make a difference in this world. This is the day when all our individual acts can make the world a better place.  Read more on Random Acts of Kindness.

New Networking JV

As you may know, I love to form strategic alliances and work collaboratively. Click here to find out how I've recently partnered with my fave clients Howard Worth Accountants to deliver a new networking confidence workshop in UK.    

Ted Talk 

When I was in Chicago last month, I had the pleasure of sharing dinner with Jacques Gordon and Kim Lumpkin. We discussed introverts how they differed from extroverts. I sent this Ted Talk to Kim and then it occurred to me last night that it might be of interest to you. Check out: Susan Cain on The Power of Introverts. 

Fun Stuff 

If your read the edition, "Perfectionism the Confidence Stealer," you'll know that my husband Jay questioned my abilities behind the wheel! (Brave man)! I don't know what his problem is - well not compared to these driving skills?

App of the Week

Actually it's a time management tip which I picked up from my speaker buddy and house guest Robyn Pearce who is the expert who is known for Getting a Grip on Time.  She pointed out the microphone icon on applications such as email or messages. Do you know that you can speak out/record the content rather than type it? Now I know that some of you clever readers have this in your productivity toolbox already, however for me this has been a great time saving tip,
OK, that's it for now! Keep smiling till we meet in the ether again! 

Pass it on  

The content may be freely re-used in any online or offline publication. Simply credit with, "This information was written by Eilidh Milnes, and originally appeared in "Eilidh's Confidence Strategies", her ezine sent every two weeks and available at It's currently free." Thank you. Ever Positive, Eilidh

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