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White Christmas? White Gloves! Premium Client Care

Eilidh Milnes
goal setting at your desk 

A Very Happy New Year to You and Yours! May this year be all that you hope for! If you travelled over Christmas, I trust it was hassle free perhaps with elements of this bear love story. 

White Christmas

Did you see snow at Christmas? Few people in UK did and that accounts for us too. However we did see white gloves!

Intrigued?Curious to Know More?

Well what does 'a white glove service' conjure up for you? Perhaps it brings to mind:

  1. a room butler 
  2. the doorman at the Ritz 
  3. a snooker referee 

Whatever image comes to mind, the expression implies a top quality service doesn't it? When we purchased new leather furniture last month, the business owner Mrs Webb explained that as premium clients we would automatically qualify for the company's white glove service... for free. That raised the bar...

On the agreed delivery date, the agents arrived bang on time, unloaded, placed the sofa and chair exactly where we requested; then disposed of the packing materials before demonstrating the electronic functions. All of this was carried out in a pleasant and professional manner. The level of service we received  totally surpassed our expectations. 

Premium or Pass

And this got me to thinking, do I deliver a white glove service? Do my clients and family feel extra special? Do I treat myself like my own best customer? My goal for 2018 is to run my decision making through a white glove filter. It's going to be premium or pass! 

I wonder what your goal is? If you'd like more input on goal setting  check out, Your Life, Your Pace, Your Way.

Who Takes Care of You?

I'm thrilled to be working with the wonderfully brave and inspirational Sally Bee on this exiting new programme for NHS professionals. Please share this link with any consultant who you think might like to attend.  Launch date: Monday 15th January, Who takes care of you? Thank you.

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