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What confidence messages you can learn from movies...

Eilidh Milnes

It seems I've been covering much of UK this quarter...

And working in Paris, Frankfurt and Bonn, delivering workshops, keynotes and coaching.  At the core of my material is confidence, because at some point in our lives... we lose it and we all want it back! Loss of confidence can stop you from achieving your goals, finding happiness and living a less stressed life.

More on confidence workshops. 

The Put-up!

One of the delegates at an event supplied me with new approach to positivity. Have you watched the movie Parental Guidance with Bette Midler and Billy Crystal? No? Well neither have I.  However, I plan to watch the film, as it comes highly recommended by workshop attendee, Mel Saywell. Mel told us of a technique used by the children in the film; when one was unkind to his brother or sister the recipient of the cruel words was able to claim a 'put-up'! The offending sibling was obliged to come back with a positive 'put-up' statement. I have adopted this idea and used it in subsequent workshops to great effect. I might even rename my positive paper pointer a 'put-up'!

Make people feel valued

All this left me thinking, are their people in my business or personal life, whom I've taken for granted? Are there times I have not expressed my gratitude? It's easy to show how much you value your latest client or your new best friend, but what about your most loyal ones?

Is there a person on your team who is so reliable and dependable that you now take them for granted? Have you stopped showing them you appreciate them? Perhaps closer to home there's a loved one who needs to hear "Willy Nelson" (that's Jay-speak for "I love you!") rather than guess what you think of them? Don't wait until someone leaves your organisation or left this earth to let them know how much you think of them. Because by then it will be too late... 

Recently Tracy who booked the workshop Mel attended, put a testimonial on LinkedIn. Her words of appreciation mean a great deal, and I'm so glad she took five minutes out of her schedule to write me a 'put-up! You can read what she said on my Testimonials page. 

 Poem - When you thought I wasn't looking (215 KB)

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