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Think things done - a clever coping strategy

Eilidh Milnes

think things donethink things done

Chill yer beans ma," said Kyle.(roughly translated from young people speak to 'calm down mother!') "Think things done!" And so I did. There I was getting myself in a lather because I did not have time to review my final checklist. I don't know about you, but I'm a fan of lists and when it comes to preparing for a speaking engagement my final checklist is like a security blanket. Taking time to do the final checks gives me peace of mind, reassurance and of course more confidence. 

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However I was running behind schedule. Notice I did not say, I was 'late.' If you tell yourself and others that you are behind schedule it implies that you you have control of the situation and are organised. 'Late' in my book is a four letter word!  So I was beginning to feel a tad overwhelmed by all that still had to be done, when Kyle shared his wisdom, "think things done..." And you know... it worked. I was fussing over nothing. I did have all my materials. The cases were packed and in the car. I knew where I was going; the navigator was primed. And most of all I was excited to deliver my keynote. So, "Alles in Ordenung," as my German readers would say.

Think things done - TTD!

Isn't it strange how we like to pressure our brains, to put them in a vice and then seem genuinely surprised when we feel discombobulated? Have you felt out of control recently? Have you had:
  • A deadline looming?
  • A presentation to work up?
  • A special task to finalise?

Well then maybe it's time to apply the TTD principle and chill yer beans   You will have a far better chance of things turning out  really well. Some of you might be thinking, where's the proof? How do we know it all worked out well? We checked the evaluation or "feed forward" sheets. Seems I did a great job! I thought about things logically and then got them done. Well that's another way of approaching a problem isn't it? 

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