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The Power of a Smile - How to Give and Get Great Client Care

Eilidh Milnes

smile for no reason

Ryanair does not always get good press does it? Historically, passengers have complained about baggage allowances and the myriad of additional charges you encounter as you progress through the on-line booking process. Until now we have avoided buying flights with them as a result. However I have to speak up for the airline and praise the service we received at Manchester recently.

It started 36 hours before our departure when we received a text message and email reminder to print our boarding passes, wishing us a good flight and suppling us with the 5-day weather forecast for our destination. When we arrived at the check-in slightly apprehensive about potential excess charges, the attendant was extremely friendly and accommodating. "No need to weigh your carry-on luggage and your handbag is fine madam," he said with a smile. Our cabin bag registered just 12.4 kg; well within the 15kg limit much to Jay's delight and relief. (He likes to be proved right).

The attendant scanned my passport and commented on my unusual name. He did not have to show interest, not everyone does.  However he seemed genuinely intrigued and asked about the origin of Eilidh. So I supplied him with a little more information plus a dose of Celtic charm whilst thanking him for being so helpful, "Yes it is Gaelic for Helen, which means light"! Well this gave him license to talk about my '"aura of light" and how wonderful it was to serve me!

At this point Jay was grinning ear to ear yet seemed perplexed and taken aback... was this not Ryanair... the unfriendly airline? As we left the desk the check-in guy said, "You'll need to keep an eye on her"! (implying exactly what I'm not sure...) Jay just burst out laughing! Replying, "You are a perceptive man, you have no idea"! And we walked away thinking what a great way to be treated and a fabulous way to start a trip. This budget airline had not cut-back on a warm and memorable welcome that's for sure. We may not have been flying business or first class on this occasion, but we were treated as though our custom mattered.

If you regularly drop by my blog you'll have read about the power of smiling and being polite in your people transactions. Today is proof perfect that being on time, being prepared and treating airline employees with courtesy is by far the best way to travel. In your encounters this week treat everyone as we were at that check-in desk. Be interested in your colleagues, treat them with respect and a smile! Be a smile ambassador! Smile for no reason! Your negotiations and meetings will be all the better for it. For similar posts just surf the site. 

To close, will we be booking Ryanair again? I think that is a given, don't you? 

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