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The Consolation Cake, Stay-cation or Vacation?

Eilidh Milnes

One of Mel's weekly tasks is to roster some 30 staff. She is well aware that folks don't want to turn in on a Saturday. Let's face it we all like to have our weekends free from work commitments. So what does she do to ease their pain?  Every week she organises special hand-made treats, cookies and cakes to disarm her potentially disgruntled staff. And guess what? Since she has introduced what she calls consolation cake, no-one complains about being on the Saturday rota. I love Mel's #PositivePointer attitude. Whether or not Marie Antoinette ever said, "Let them eat cake!" my client does. And it works!  

Do your team members feel they belong in your business? Do they think they can make a difference? Most importantly do they feel valued? Mel's simple act of cake baking acknowledges the commitment her staff makes. Ask yourself, does anyone in your life need cake? If so, it's time to get baking! 

Vacation or Stay-cation?

Some of you will already be in exotic climes, others will be packing your bags with eager anticipation. So I'll keep this edition short and sweet. 
There will be yet others staying closer to home. With major refurbishment planned in the next week, we fall into the last category. Whatever you get up to, enjoy it all! 

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OK folks, it's checking out time! I'm off to make a very special man in my life a Victoria Sandwich...  See you back here in a couple of weeks.  #EverPositive Eilidh +44 (0)7876 786784

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