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Say Goodbye to Fear Plus New Site Countdown

Eilidh Milnes
a handful of elements on the new captain positive website
We travelled to Germany via The Chunnel last month. Jay prepared his contingency plan. We discussed our options; ran our risk assessment. We're really not a risk averse couple. So we travelled. However, on the return leg there was a touch of anxiety due to the press coverage at Calais Terminal. I'm not saying we were afraid. 
 (I think our son was more worried then we were). However we did change our travel times, modified our behaviour and took extra care as we approached the port.

The trouble with fear is it stops you enjoying life. In reality, security is no more than being able to handle anything that life throws at you. And this makes me think of an interview I recorded recently. "What's your favourite self-help book?" I asked Geraldine. "Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway," she replied. "At a time when I needed a confidence boost it really helped". And I agree; it's a book I've referred to and suggested to clients many times over the years. 

Fear holds you back because it creates negative feelings; makes you believe you can't succeed. Fear often strikes when you've been over-working or over-thinking. Your tendency is to fight it; internally you're screaming,"Help!" 

Instead relax, accept and detach yourself from the feelings that are making you feel agitated so that you can let them drift by with out connection. If there is something bothering you at the moment, do what Geraldine did and read a good book. Or doing something you've never done before. Test yourself in a new arena altogether. There's nothing succeeding in a new environment to say goodbye to fear. More book recommends here.

Coming soon!

We're in the beta stage of my new website build. There's a different feel and brand for this coaching site. And I'd love you to be part of this exciting change. Do you have a quotation or quirky saying that inspires and motivates you? If so,  please drop me a line with the words. We'll do the rest. Thank you in advance! 

Tweet @eilidhmilnes and let me know what you think!

New On the Blog

There are lots of new posts since my last e-shot. Just jump here. 

Fun Stuff

Talking quirky, check out Richard Wiseman's site, Quirkology. This video is clever, especially if you find mathematics fascinating. Do like taking simple fun tests? Here's one to assess your age according to your musical preferences. I wonder if you're acting your age? 

Ted Talk

As I type, I'm working with my design consultant Nidhi Narula. Her fave Ted Talk is by Chip Kidd. Enjoy his wicked sense of humour. 

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