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No is Only an Opinion

Eilidh Milnes

Do you ever make your life harder than necessary? Many people do. If you feel that your brain in a vice, if you are tired of your situation, ask yourself, "Why?" What causes you to feel this way? If you regularly question your abilities consider re-working your words and internal conversations. Instead ask yourself, "What would this look like if it were easy?"

"No" is Only an Opinion

This video footage popped up on in my Facebook feed some time ago. I find it is so powerful that I sometimes use it in training. It perfectly highlights how by using the right words, you can evoke an emotional response. If you couple emotions to action, you can dramatically influence an outcome. Click  what the passerby did to alter the blind man's sign. As someone whose currency is words, this footage resonated with me. Could something as simple as changing the words you use, change your world? Take rejection for example; if someone declines your offer, sales pitch or suggestion remember that "No" is only an opinion. 

What is Self-confidence?

People ask, "What keeps you so upbeat and positive Eilidh?" One explanation is that I see happiness like sunshine. Just because the big yellow ball in the sky isn't visible, doesn't mean it isn't there. It's always out there in the universe. You simply need to learn to bottle up your sunshine for tough days. Everyone has sad times and bad moments. However, happiness is a choice. Being consistent in your self-belief is a vital part of being happy. So see happiness as a means to an end. Allow it to help you to determine and achieve whatever it is you want in life. Read the full blog post with tips to boost your self-confidence.

World Smile Day!

World Smile Day

Friday October 6th is World Smile Day! Smiling is a cure-all. It's contagious and guareented to make you feel happier. Give your smile away to ten people to today! Take smiley pics and post them on social media. I'd love you to copy me in @eilidhmilnes Call a friend. Laugh. Smile for no reason at all :)

More Motivation

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Mindfulness is he heralded as the way forward to beat stress and boost well-being. John Murphy shared this link, which asks, "What is needed to make it work?" Check out Without Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness Does Not Work.

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