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Mixed Up Thinking - Ten Tips to Help You Feel More Positive and Take Control

Eilidh Milnes

cook up a happy self-confidence

In UK "The Great British Bake-Off" is about to begin a fabulous new season of programmes.

It occurred to me that we often have mixed up feelings. Here are ten spoonfuls of confidence to help you feel more positive.

  1. The saying goes that when the going gets tough the tough get going and that couldn’t be more true. Raise your game! Now's the time to put in more effort than you normally do, focusing on the activities that bring success. Anyone can do well when the conditions are easy, it’s the challenging times that define us.
  2. The media delight in telling us how torrid things are; bad news sells.  And the more we listen the more we buy into their messages. Monitor your TV viewing! Run a positive filter on the news channels. Watch comedy, films, documentaries DVDs instead. As a compulsive optimist, a Walt Disney classic does it for me. I love TedTalks too- click here for my Top 21. 
  3. Have you ever noticed how, if you let your guard down, the grumps of this world are able to bring you down to their level? So, flush the negative people. I call mixing with them is like having a “pity party.” (*eilidhism) Now's not the time to spend time with negative people, seek out the positive ones. 
  4. The simplest way to get depressed is to focus on your failures. We've all made mistakes and had problems. Instead focus on your successes. The more you think on them the more you feel negative. When you think on your successes you feel much better. Keep a 365 diary. Read more in my book, "Confidence The 7 Keys to Your Happiness." 
  5. Many people struggle out of bed and spend their first few moments of their day in a sleepy haze. Change! Say “Good Morning Gorgeous instead!” Zig Zigler, one of the original motivational speakers, used to preach the following morning routine: Throw the bed covers off, leap out of bed and shout “It’s going to be a great day!” If you follow this routine I bet you won’t be able to stop smiling all morning! He also said, “If you don’t think it’s a great day... try missing one!”
  6. The computer industry uses the following to describe bad programming: GIGO: Garbage in, Garbage out!  Run your own quality control department. If you apply this to your brain you’ll understand why it’s so important to read uplifting articles, books and magazines if you’d want to stay positive.
  7. Make your car a travelling university, full of motivational CD’s. When you listen to the radio not only do you get the news (usually depressing) every half an hour but you then have no control over what goes into your brain; instead listen to quality material. Re-tune to boost your input.
  8. When you hear speakers tell inspirational stories doesn’t it make you feel better? Attend uplifting presentations. Go to positive, motivational events regularly. Join a networking group of upbeat people; attend breakfast presentations and conferences to ensure you stay informed. Find or start a mastermind group, or form your personal board or directors - your own support and advisory group.
  9. Your physiology dictates your mood and if you slump, walk slowly and look at your feet you’ll find it difficult to feel powerful and motivated; so smile and walk tall. Next time you walking slowly or ambling aimlessly, imagine that you’ve just won the lottery! And that you're on your way to register your ticket before the deadline! Grin! Shoot folks a wink!  The world will wonder what you’ve been up to! 
  10. Don’t you feel better after you’ve exercised? For me it is cycling and walking. Take regular exercise. Swim at the early morning session; park your car away from the office to walk the last ten minutes; avoid the lift or elevator and use the stairs? Exercise is good for you and it makes you feel great. 

Cook up a positive, happy self-confidence.

You'll love the difference! 

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