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Live Each Day Like It's Your Last

Eilidh Milnes
quote work like you don't need the money...

Do Whatever it Takes to Put a Smile on Your Face!

And do it for as long as it brings that smile to your visage. Move on to something new, exciting and motivating when it no longer generates a grin. 
You need to keep going when life gets tough... and it does. Often this is when people experience a loss of confidence. Everyone loses it and wants it back.

Keep doing whatever it is that you love to do

And stop worrying about all those things that don’t matter or things over which you have not control - like the person who broke your heart. the loss of a job or the sad passing of a loved one. Then even if you aren’t ecstatically happy, you can aim for contentment. Sometimes in life we need to aim for contentedness. Be content and aim to build on from feeling. You may be able to better take those blows and to navigate with a clearer mind. Be content with what you have while you strive for what you want. 

Live by You Own Rules

We take life too seriously too often, pretending it has all these extra rules that it doesn’t actually have. Live by your own rules. Do what you want to do and just be sure to set a good example by respecting others. Work like you don’t need money and love like you’ve never been hurt. It’s really all in your heart and head already. 

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