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Is Your Clock in Balance?

Eilidh Milnes

Gerry's wall clock was working intermittently. It had become unreliable, so he took it along to a traditional watch repairer. The elderly gentleman asked, "How do you hang this clock?" "Just on a nail on the wall," replied Gerry. "Aha," replied the old craftsman. "Well that could be your problem. It is important to balance your tick and tock." 

And he went on to demonstrate that by tilting the clock even slightly in either direction, the sound changed imperceptibly. However to a trained ear it was obvious. By listening carefully Gerry could sense the difference. "Now I could charge you a lot of money to take the clock apart, or you could go home and re-hang this old timepiece, making sure the tick and tock are even." The clock has been working without issue ever since.

balancing your life- elephant on a ball 

This simple analogy highlights that sometimes all that's required to re-balance is to ask for help. Then act on the advice given. For some people it a mere tweak; something as simple as doing less to be more effective. 

Nowadays, "busy" seems to become a currency all of own. Many people see "being busy" are highly desirable and then compete as to whose diary is most full. You know, busy does not mean that you are more effective, more successful or more important that others. If you are constantly in busy-mode perhaps it's time to review. Do you need to be less frantic, to allow space to define your purpose, to seek clarity and stop putting off those things that are really important to you.

Yesterday, a client told me he was too busy to go on holiday with his family. I rest my case. Read more on Busy... A Problem Solved.

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Finally, here's yours truly on Empire Radio in New York. Enjoy!  

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