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Ever Been Out of Your Comfort Zone?

Eilidh Milnes

Eilidh on Stage as a DJ

Imagine this. You've just been called out in front of a sizeable audience to do something that's way out of the norm. You're at a conference as a delegate and settling in for a morning of insights and entertainment. It's time for lights, camera, action; when out of the blue the host invites you to the stage. Now I don't know about you, but #cuttingAscratch is not something I've done before! Hit the image watch to my 41 second debut as a belly scratcher! Lee announed , "You're a natural." I'm still beaming. 

Focus on Possibilities

What is unnatural is being willing to step outside your comfort zone. Yet risk taking is  powerful and each of us has a choice to do things differently. I had the choice to decline my DJ debut. But how would that have made me feel? And what would it have done to the confidence coach brand? When you focus on problems you have more problems, when you focus on possibilities you have more opportunities. This is the way to win in the race called life. So go on, do something scary. It's liberating! More here.

Remove Roadblocks

Charge down any potential insecurities, because walking on the wild side of life is hugely rewarding both emotionally and financially. Remove any roadblocks by taking action. Leaders welcome new environments and understand their strengths. They compensate for their weaker points by delegating challenging areas to others. Successful people know that knowledge is a dynamic that is constantly changing and frequently ask, "Can I/we do this better?" When you look at your career, what changes can you make to enhance your future prospects? More on Career Confidence.

EasyMoods™Easy Docs - EDocs 

Click here for our beautifully designed EDocs.  In December, we'll be adding the next in the series: "Happiness is Knowing What to Overlook."  Happy downloading! 

Top Ted Talks & other Cool Web-Links 

The Top Ten Ted Talks of 2016 was a popular links in the last edition: So here is is again for new subscribers. As someone who works in the area of productivity and wellbeing,  I particularly liked "Inside the Mind of the Master Procrastinator" by Tim Urban.

Looking for a book to gift at Christmas Gift? Here are 8 books Richard Branson thinks everyone should read.

Are You Improving Your Employees’ Quality of Life? Thanks again to my colleagues at HR Aspects.

What 525 Successful CEO's have Learned about Leadership New York Times reporter, Adam Bryant spent 10 years researching what makes a good leader. Here a some of his results. Thanks to Stephen Law-Lyons for the share.   

Seth Godin says that the one thing leaders share is a willingness to change and do things better.  Break Everything You Know About Leadership.

Beyond Bullet Points - Engagement! New speaking confidence tips - curiosity, diversity, generosity. Plus a bonus networking success story.

Finally, if you'd like to join the positive community and not yet registered for my Confidence Strategies, just jump here and fill in two boxes. Job jobbed!

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