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Busy, busy, busy - the problem solved

Eilidh Milnes

Often these days people say, "I'm busy." and then go on to list why. Years ago, I sometimes signed off emails, "In haste," until I realised that I could giving the wrong impression. Was I actually saying that I was too busy for my clients/friends/colleagues? I was horrified to think that I could be misinterpreted. 

Being busy doesn't imply that:

  • You're effective.
  • You're a success.
  • You're important. 
So I and gave myself a good talking to! And "Ever Positive" was born. I made a conscious decision to "hurry slowly." Appreciate the sunflowers, and just because I can; to dance backwards in high heels! 

If you're constantly busy it may indicate that you need to review your delegation skills; that you've not grasped how to efficiently organise your time; or to say no. Perhaps what you need to be is less busy to allow space to define your purpose; to seek clarity; or stop procrastinating?  If so, this simple tool will help you.

Procrastination Assessment Tool Pdf Procrastination Assessment Tool Pdf (21 KB)

 Being constantly busy is a habit and like all behaviours it may become addictive. If you feel that your are overly busy or overwhelmed; is it time to have a busi-ness detox?

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Well that's it for this edition. In case you're busy I've kept it succinct.  As the young latin teacher I met on the Milton Keynes train this week, Alison Kingshott, would no doubt say, "Lente Festinandum"... hurry slowly. Till next time!  Ever Positive, Eilidh

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