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Are You Willing to Walk Off?

Eilidh Milnes

Are You Willing to Walk Away? 

What I find incredible is that people do the same things over and over again and yet expect different results. How bizarre is that? To get different results you need to see and do things differently… and go to places you have never been! Not the same old same old! 

To get different outcomes you need to be like this image… to be prepared to walk off in a different direction.

Here are some simple common sense ideas will make a big difference:

1. List your personal commitments in order of importance, e.g. family, friends, relaxation, hobbies or leisure activities.

2. Then break down your working day into categories  - make a comprehensive list - including such areas as business development,  internal/external meetings, new/developing projects and so on.

3. Allocate time to each activity in point 2 (that include your weekend).

4. See the big picture. Regardless of whether you think you have any choice, are you devoting too much to work at the expense of your personal life? If you are and this is causing you anxiety, it’s time to act.

5. Work with a mentor/business friend/coach for input.

6. Set challenging goals. If you currently work 12x hours per day, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to change to an 8x hour day straightaway. However, improved time-management will enable you to finish earlier.

7. Reward yourself every time you make progress.

8. Be selfish with every second. Stop doing things that are a waste of your time. Rationalise. Use your time to the maximum benefit.

9. Improve your habits. We all make to-do lists... 

Now create stop lists, i.e. 

  • Stop checking email every hour – check it at 9am and 5pm only. 
  • Stop watching so much television.
  • Stop drinking that extra glass of alcohol or sugary drink.
  • Stop forwarding unnecessary emails. 
  • Stop attending unnecessary meetings. 
  • Stop meeting for pity parties (connecting with negative people who moan and complain).

10. Learn to let go. Delegate tasks to others. Consider outsourcing your management activities to external experts such e.g. P.A. book-keeper. If you're MD is it time to step out and up to the role of CEO?

11. Take regular breaks. Removing yourself from the location for some fresh air will make you less stressed. Be willing to walk away from your desk!