Cruise Ship, After Dinner Talks


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Why Women Love Scatter Cushions - and Men Love Gadgets

This talk celebrates the difference in the sexes. Find out 7 things that men do that drive women insane and the answer to the question, is the blue bit the sky?

People Watching - Observing and Learning from Human Behaviour

We all do it but what do is mean - an observational snapshot of life aboard a liner. Learn about body language and what you are saying before you even open your mouth.

Barbed Wire and Apron Strings - Military Wives

Thumbnails, stories and coping mechanisms of military wives, who learned to love and respect their spouses; with personal anecdotes from Eilidh whose husband served in the army with 5 rudiment tours in Northern Ireland to working alongside the Gurkhas in Hong Kong; then went on to work as a civilian in Sudan, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Your Need More than a Pair of Sandals 

Keeping Safe Ashore with Cultural Tips and Stories is based on Eilidh's time working with the Police. This talk is designed to keeping safe ashore and includes cultural tips and stories pertinent to your destination with previews and animations to Eilidh’s new book where confidence and culture collide.  

The Positive Advantage 

Happiness drive success; using  the principals of positive psychology; Eilidh explores the concept of "glass half-full..." 

Make Your Own Luck

Enjoy Eilidh's exuberant storytelling as she explains how "luck" plays it's part all we do. It's not a paranormal experience, it is something we can all learn!